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Everything changes.  New environmental and social issues, new illusions, artificial intelligence, big data, new usages... Companies are on their own facing the world’s changes. To stay competitive, they need credible partners to tackle the new, complicated issues and help them in their own transformations.


Les Ateliers Corporate works alongside leadership teams in their transformation communications.  It helps them anticipate the future to better affirm their leadership. To express the purpose of their company and its brands to get it moving again, to make it stronger, more innovative, more successful.


Because the agenda of today’s leaders is overflowing with new challenges.


  • In a society characterised by an increasingly strong requirement for ethics and transparency, leaders must go beyond the public’s expectations. They must express, on behalf of their company, a mission which puts its economic performance at the service of a higher cause. A mission which speaks to the world. Which shows it is for the common good. A mission whose spirit, continuity and success they have to personally guarantee.

  • At the time of the data revolution and Generation Y, leaders must reinvent the company’s managerial practices to fight against the dysfunctions and prejudices from organisations often conceived at the beginning of the 20th century.  Put everybody back at the heart of the action to regain agility and enable involvement at the time when everything is advancing more rapidly. Return responsibility for progress to managers, reintroduce the power to work together.


  • Faced with the end of old marketing ‘recipes’, the uniformisation of postures and discourse, leaders must reconsider the issue of the incomparability of their brand.  Reconsider the relationship with its audiences. Design and share an experience which goes beyond the product or service offered. Which makes the company itself incomparable.


Helping leaders faces their new challenges

is the business of Les Ateliers Corporate 

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