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Les Ateliers Corporate is a strategic communications consultancy. For more than 10 years, it has been guiding and assisting leadership teams through their transformation, management and brand issues.

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Everything changes.  Environmental and social issues, new illusions, artificial intelligence, big data, new usages.  In the Anthropocene era and as the world becomes digital, the challenges are huge.


Companies and organisations are often on their own facing these changes.  In order to plan for the future, tackle new, complicated issues and be accompanied in their own transformations, they need credible partners.


Les Ateliers Corporate works alongside leadership teams to help them anticipate the future, express the purpose and affirm the leadership of their company and its brands.  To get it moving again, to make it stronger, more innovative, more successful…



Monday 1 July 2019

The company reaches adulthood

Never has the responsibility of the company been so great as in the post-modern society.


The less one expects from politics, the more one expects from the company. 

Limited in the past to simple wealth creation, from now on, the company is expected to act in the preservation of crucial balances.  From employment to the environment, it is on the front line everywhere. 


In less than ten years, the company has become the space where everything happens, where everything assumes a concrete form.  This entry into the adulthood of the relationship with the citizen-consumer changes the game.


Managing through culture

Within a business, management is often through control. Standards, procedures, KPIs are at the
heart of how the mechanism functions, which, in the interests of the principle of precaution, has difficulty tolerating uncertainty.


In the visionary business, management is first and foremost through trust.


Commitment to values is the prerequisite for success. Embodied authority is in charge.

In the visionary business, managing is, above all, about sharing a project in which everybody can give free rein to their commitment and talent.

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Thinking of the company’s future in a changing world is to move it forward.

It is thinking about it differently in order to set it in motion again.

The existence of companies is thus marked by a succession of transformations : a new governance team, new strategic plan, new market conditions, changes in scope, so many impacts which the company, at times, absorbs violently.


How do you provide impetus for a dynamic process of change ?  What meaning do you give to the efforts demanded ?  How do you involve and mobilise stakeholders in the company transformation ?

Monday 17 December 2018

Monday 28 January 2019


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