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Express the company project


In a context of profound changes, a large company decides to launch a strategic plan which involves every employee.  Les Ateliers Corporate is chosen to support the executive committee in expressing this project.


Strategic challenges

  • Bring the company into a new development cycle.

  • Give the transformation meaning and encourage growth.

  • Develop and share an aspirational vision, common to everyone, of the transformation and what tomorrow’s company will be like.

  • Mobilise the company around this vision.  Deploy initiatives which will bring about change.  Turn the transformation into a driver of growth and differentiation.

  • Initiate a management transformation approach for the project.

  • Strengthen the leadership of the new Managing Director.

Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Design and implement a collaborative approach which includes, in particular, interviews with leaders and opinion leaders to express the company project.

  • Highlight the challenges which it must meet to give the full meaning to the strategy, internally and externally.

  • Organise a convention for the whole management community.  Co-develop the employee mobilisation plan with managers.




Express the company vision

In a context of rapidly-evolving usages and technologies, a major player wishes to rethink its company project on the basis of a revised vision of the future.  What new services should be offered to customers ? How should the different businesses of the Group be organised ? The Group’s President asks Les Ateliers Corporate to support him in the expression of his vision.


Strategic challenges

  • Align leaders and managers on the challenges the Group must face. Express and share an ambition which unites all the employees.

  • Give meaning to the Group’s new project. Set it in an aspirational vision of the future.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • From leaders, expert managers and the Group’s external stakeholders, gather all perspectives on the new cycle it is entering, the elements which give meaning to the company’s difference.  

  • Express the vision of the challenges the Group must meet via its new company project.

  • Unite the Group’s leaders around this vision, through the organisation and animation of a dedicated strategic seminar.



Express the company’s values


At the beginning of a new growth cycle and engaged in a massive recruitment campaign, a leader of its market sector wishes to review its set of values and share them with all employees.  It asks Les Ateliers Corporate, who have just re-expressed the company’s vision, to design and lead the process to co-develop the company’s values.



Strategic challenges

  • Unify employees around common values.

  • Start a process of reflection about the attitudes and behaviours that should be encouraged to bring the values to life and make the company project successful.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Design, animate and report on a worldwide online consultation of all the company’s employees on the theme of values.​

  • Design and animate collaborate workshops with managers and leaders to express the new set of values.

  • Design, write and produce the presentation keynote of the vision and values

  • Design and deploy the internal communications campaign.







Align the leadership team


In a context of strong competition and commoditisation, an international Group wishes to unite and align all its leaders around a joint vision of the challenges that it must meet. It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to assist it in this approach.


Strategic challenges

  • Reaffirm the Group’s difference. Re-express its leadership.

  • Align all the Group’s expertise along the same strategic approach.


  • Mobilise the teams.


  • Strengthen the attractiveness of the Group for high potentials. 

Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Co-develop a vision of the Group with the Executive Committee, leaders and opinion leaders in each market.


  • Organise a convention to encourage its adoption and implementation.


  • Design and produce all cascade communication supports.


  • Integrate the vision in the Group’s positioning and, in particular, in its brand signature.




Turn the project into the lever of trust  


In a context of crisis recovery, a major Group intends to review its set of values in order to share them with all employees and recreate trust around a shared vision of its business and how it should be carried out.  It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to assist it in this approach.


Strategic challenges

  • Underline, in the eyes of its employees and all the company’s audiences, the beginning of a new development phase.

  • Place values at the heart of the Group’s project.

  • Unite and engage around the new project.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Develop and express the new project with the leaders.

  • Interview and gather the analyses of the Executive Committee, key leadership panel, members of the corporate university, customers and opinion leaders.

  • Organise strategic seminars with the Executive Committee and leaders of the Group’s worldwide direction committee.

  • Formalise the new set of values.

  • Organise the adoption approach for managers and employees and its integration in the Group’s management model.






Express the local contribution to the Group’s project

The French subsidiary of a worldwide player wishes to express its vision of its particular contribution to the achievement of the Group’s worldwide project and so, mobilise all its employees around this vision. Les Ateliers Corporate is chosen to assist the leaders in expressing this vision.


Strategic challenges


  • Make its voice heard and difference recognised to create confidence.

  • Use the subsidiary’s action to support the ambition expressed in the Group’s project, positioning itself in this way as an active contributor to the growth of the French sector.

  • Strengthen its attractiveness as an employer and in particular, for young graduates.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • From leaders, expert managers and the Group’s external stakeholders, gather all perspectives on the new cycle it is entering, the elements which give meaning to the company’s difference.

  • Express the vision of the challenges that the Group must meet in France.

  • Unite leaders around this vision, through the organisation and animation of a dedicated strategic seminar.

  • Address the subjects specific to the French market in order to contribute, through this action, to the success of the Group’s project in France.




Unite a community around a citizen project

A large local community intends to enhance its brand image and that of its population in order to strengthen its links with the companies based there and encourage recruitment locally.  

It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to help it highlight its « youth capital ».



Strategic challenges

  • Promote in the eyes of economic decision-makers the youth and dynamism of the community and its inhabitants.

  • Support the community’s young people in their search for employment.

  • Launch visible and identifiable initiatives which contribute to creating bridges with the companies based in the community.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Design and animate a collaborative approach which brings together elected officials and inhabitants of the community to develop a project supporting

       the young people of the town.

  • Set up and animate a listening process for the town’s young people.

  • Open and animate a collaborative platform to invite all inhabitants

       to contribute to the project’s development.

  • Design and launch a communication campaign aiming to connect

       the community’s young people and decision-makers in the companies.







Accelerate the digital transformation

A large Group asks Les Ateliers Corporate to assist it in the deployment of its digital transformation.  To achieve this, express and promote a vision and digital life culture common to all its entities.


Strategic challenges


  • Accelerate the Group’s digital transformation, get employees involved in this transformation.

  • Strengthen, through digital, the Group’s cohesion.

  • Develop a digital culture in the Group to foster and support the digitalisation of the customer relationship.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Express with the leaders the vision of the Group’s digital transformation.

  • Share the vision with all Group employees.

  • Mobilise managers and employees on new business practices associated with digital.

  • Design and animate the means to speed up the emergence of the Group employees’ own digital culture.




Express and reveal a company’s sustainable development project

Following a wide-ranging collaborative approach, Les Ateliers Corporate expresses the sustainable development vision of a large French Group with a worldwide presence. It designs and deploys a communications campaign which enables the vision to be revealed to all the Group’s internal and external stakeholders and to strengthen their mobilisation around the changes it is calling for.



Strategic challenges

  • Mobilise managers and employees around the challenges and commitments of the Group on the subject of sustainable development.

  • Turn its commitments and stated changes into a growth lever.

  • Promote the Group’s change in posture to all concerned audiences.

  • Share the Group’s commitments in the area of sustainable development with the general public.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Re-express the Group’s signature in order to integrate its sustainable development posture.

  • Share the vision with the whole of the management community via a F.A.ST® collaborative seminar of adoption and mobilisation around its implementation.

  • Apply the sustainable development vision to all Group internal and external communications collateral.

  • Design and produce a series of educational films promoting the different aspects of the Group’s sustainable development to be broadcast internally and on social media.

  • Design and ensure the completion of the first issues of an international internal magazine dedicated to the Group’s sustainable development challenges.







Develop and deploy a company’s management model

As an extension of the definition of its new strategic plan, the HR Director of a large Group asks Les Ateliers Corporate to assist in the development, expression and reveal of the company’s new management model.


Strategic challenges

  • Align the management model to the challenges of the strategic plan.

  • Mobilise managers around the management dimension of the transformation.

  • Re-express the Group’s management values.

  • Review the culture, practices and expectations of management.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Collect and analyse the elements which structure the Group’s management culture via interviews and exploratory workshops with leaders, managers and employees.

  • Express the vision of the management in the Group with the leaders.

  • Animate the co-development of the management model elements by a pool of the Group’s HR directors.

  • Share and validate the content of the new model with leaders in a dedicated seminar.

  • Publicise the new model to the whole management community, notably through the organisation and animation of « management days ».

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