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engage and mobilise




Reveal the vision of the leader

The President of a company asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and write his inauguration speech to all the elected representatives, leaders and partners.

Strategic challenges

  • Reveal the leader’s vision.

  • Embody the company’s leadership.

  • Set out new approaches.

  • Start the discussion on the development of a new strategic project.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Work with the President and his advisors to formalise the speech’s key points.

  • Organise the ideas, design the form and punchlines.

  • Write the speech.

  • Advise and prepare the President for his speech.

  • Produce speaking points from the speech for the other company spokespeople.  

  • Produce a published support to sustain the speech.



Present the strategy of the Group

The President of a worldwide player wants to take advantage of an international convention to address all market actors, share his vision and outline the Group’s strategy.  He asks Les Ateliers Corporate to support him in the development and formulation of his speech.


Strategic challenges


  • Accelerate growth and the success of the strategic plan.

  • Affirm the difference and the brand’s leadership in its markets.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Gather from the leaders the structuring elements of the market analysis and Group strategy.

  • Obtain the Group President’s vision, developing together the key points of his speech.

  • Plan and write his speech.

  • Advise and support the President on all aspects concerning posture and expression.


Involve managers in the project


In a climate of massive change in the area of its activities and its organisation, a large Group asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and implement a way to mobilise its managers around its new project.    

Strategic challenges

  • Respond to managers’ questions, alleviate their concerns, limit resistance to change.

  • Transform managers into drivers for change.

  • Speed up the adoption of the project by managers so that they can embody it and mobilise their teams.

Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Strengthen the ties between leaders and managers by the organisation of a strategic seminar to renew dialogue, share convictions, give meaning to the efforts required and reply to questions.

  • Bring the transformation to the level of each manager via the co-development of a managerial pact for transforming the company. And in this way, encourage adoption.

  • Design and lead the project cascading by managers in the form of collaborative workshops on each company site in order to share the key points of the transformation and define the behaviours and tools which will enable its success.

  • Share the results of the collaborative cascading with all employees in the form of a commitment pact by employees to the project.




Relaunch the drive to win

In a context of profound changes to the market and its regulation, a key player wants to mobilise all its teams around the new development plan. It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to support it in expressing the vision which underlies its strategy.

Strategic challenges

  • Return to rapid growth.  Engage management in the plan to win.

  • Strengthen the ties between the whole of the professional community. 

  • Affirm its leadership.

  • Accelerate the transformation of the company.  Share its meaning with all employees.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Co-develop the company’s vision with its leaders and all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Organise and animate a seminar with the company’s leaders to turn the vision into a plan, encourage adoption and give the launching boost to the plan.

  • Organise a general convention to share the company’s vision with all employees. To mobilise them around the transformations to come.  To share the same ambition.





Speed up management transformation

Faced with market competition, a large Group wants to mobilise its management line around its new strategic project.  It's a mobilisation which is calling for an in-depth transformation of the Group’s management culture. It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and manage the communications around the mobilisation discourse.

Strategic challenges

  • Create the conditions for the success of the strategic project.

  • Mobilise managers around the Group’s immediate objectives (sales development, ensure profitability, master costs) and on its future challenges.  

  • Give meaning to the commitment required, strengthen pride in belonging, recreate confidence.

Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Design and give meaning to the main goal of the management mobilisation.

  • Plan the « management » sequence of the annual leadership convention.

  • Write the leaders’ speeches.

  • Design the means and produce the cascade supports so that the managers spread the transformation in the field.



Transform values into a management tool

Following the expression of its management values, a major player in its market sector asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and lead a way to co-develop with managers and employees the attitudes and behaviours which will make its vision a reality.

Strategic challenges

  • Change the company’s culture.

  • Align employee attitudes and behaviours to the company’s new challenges.

  • Mobilise teams around the vision.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Create the supports for cascading the vision and values.

  • Implement the employee experience approach companywide.

  • Organise collaborative seminars in Paris and the regions.

  • Formalise the elements of the employee’s career.




Associate key audiences

to the company project

Les Ateliers Corporate co-develops the project of a large Group with the leaders. It designs and implements the big reveal for all the Group’s internal and external stakeholders.


Strategic challenges

  • Affirm the Group’s positioning and mission.

  • Express and share its strategic opportunities.

  • Bring together teams from different activities/businesses.  Create a Group spirit.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Engage and speed up the adoption of the project by the leaders of the Group’s different entities via the design and animation of a strategic seminar with the COMEX.

  • Launch the project through the design, organisation and leadership of a convention for key Group managers.

  • Create the conditions for cascading to teams via the design and production of internal communication supports : films, brochures and posters, Q&A.

  • Organise the communication to external stakeholders through the development of the project discourse platform (media, local communities, partners, consumers…).

  • Make the project live over time via the design, development and animation of a participative blog.

  • Integrate key project elements in the form of « turnkey » modules, in the Group’s communication supports (annual report, customer magazine …).




Mobilise employees to overcome the crisis

The leaders of a French Group call on Les Ateliers Corporate to express the vision underlying the recovery strategy it has adopted.  They ask it to design and implement a plan to share the vision with all the Group’s employees and mobilise them around the key challenges in the strategic plan.


Strategic challenges


  • In an extremely decentralised company, split into different businesses, harmonise the management line on the objectives and key mechanisms of the recovery plan.

  • Get the company moving again.

  • Promote the attitudes and behaviours which help achieve the recovery plan.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Work in workshops with employees and managers to identify the behaviours which will help the company be successful.

  • Accompany a leaders’ roadshow around the Group’s sites to meet managers, share the vision, winning behaviours and the strategic plan, mobilise around their implementation.

  • Design and organise the cascading to employees to launch the deployment of the plan.

  • Promote the initiatives implemented in the field for the plan’s success through a blog dedicated to testimonials of all employees.

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