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Express the brand positioning


In a context of increasing competition and acceleration of technological breakthroughs, a company with a worldwide presence intends to affirm its expertise and positioning.  It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and implement a communication strategy which allows it to promote its competitive difference.

Strategic challenges

  • Regain its voice to express a strong and aspirational vision of the future and affirm its leadership on strategic questions.

  • Place the brand at the centre of the technological breakthroughs.  Position itself as the expert in the future transformations of companies throughout the world.

  • Promote the brand and put in place a vision to be considered as the reference.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Support the development of the brand positioning by the leaders during strategic seminars.

  • Design and ensure the international publication of a book dedicated to the new strategic challenges faced by companies.

  • Organise and lead communications operations around the book : speaking opportunities for leaders, press relations, website…

  • Organise the mobilisation of employees around the brand’s new positioning : VP’s letters, web TV, speeches to new and young employees…




Develop, express and share the brand platform and promise

As a result of a reorientation of its commercial strategy, a large company wishes to re-express its brand positioning throughout all its markets.

To enhance its marketing and corporate discourse and speed up the conquest of its new market, it asks Les Ateliers Corporate to review its brand platform and promise.


Strategic challenges 


  • Reaffirm and update the brand’s fundamental elements.

  • Structure a discourse to crystallise its different dimensions.

  • Address and convince all its new audiences.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Using the brand prism® method, develop the new platform and new promise with leaders and marketing/communication teams.

  • Formalise them in a reference document.

  • Design and formalise the briefing of all technical partners who will communicate on the promise and use the brand platform.

  • Support the integration of the new brand platform/promise in all brand communication tools and supports.



Develop and share the employer identity, brand and discourse


In a climate of many profound changes in customer expectations and a competitive environment, a major player in its market sector wishes to review its employer discourse in order to recover its attractiveness for future employees.


It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and animate an approach which enables it to improve its employer identity and translate this into its recruitment communications.

Strategic challenges

  • Express a strong, personal employer identity.

  • Attract all the talents the company needs.

  • Align current and future leaders, managers and employees on the same vision of life and work at the company.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Co-develop the company’s employer identity with all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Share this identity with all the company’s employees.

  • Translate the company’s employer identity across all recruitment. communication supports and tools used in the HR process.

  • Design and implement an employer communications campaign for deployment in the professional and mainstream media.





Create more value thanks to the brand

A leading Group wishes to revisit its brand platform in order to re-express its difference and strengthen its market position.  Its leaders ask Les Ateliers Corporate to develop and reveal its new brand platform. 

Strategic challenges

  • Better promote its advantages and position. 

  • Make its competitive difference explicit through a clear and aspirational brand discourse in order to create greater value and sell itself better to advertisers.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Understand and analyse the identity the leaders want and reframe it in the company’s own economic context.

  • Analyse brand perception and its potential through its ecosystem.

  • Develop the new brand platform.





Create the brand’s visual identity


A leading company wants to express its new positioning and support its new development strategy via its visual identity. An evolution of the substance (brand discourse) and the style (logo and graphic chart) of the brand’s visual identity is carried out by Les Ateliers Corporate.   

Strategic challenges

  • Rejuvenate the brand.

  • Boost its visibility and recognition.

  • Standardise the brand presence.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Redesign the brand’s visual style.

  • Design its graphic chart.

  • Create the new logo.

  • Lead the application of the new visual style on all internal and external communications supports.




Transform the brand promise into a management tool

A company wants to change its internal culture to put itself in a position to deliver on its new brand promise.  It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and animate an approach which will enable it to mobilise leaders, managers and employees around its new challenges.

Strategic challenges


  • Speed up the company’s success in its markets.

  • Align brand culture with management culture.

  • Affirm the brand’s competitive difference.



Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 


  • Design and animate a collaborative approach to re-express the management culture as a support to the brand promise.

  • Co-develop with managers and employees the attitudes and behaviours

       which make the brand promise a reality within the company.

  • Express and share the appropriate behaviours with all internal audiences.

  • Promote the initiatives which demonstrate the change through a blog co-animated with employees.




Co-develop the brand experience with customers


Following the re-expression of its brand promise, a company wants to review the experience it offers its customers. It asks Les Ateliers Corporate to design and lead a co-design approach of this experience.       

Strategic challenges

  • Deliver on the brand promise. Affirm the competitive difference of the brand by optimising the customer relationship.

  • Change the company culture.  Change employee attitudes and behaviours at each key moment in the relationship with customers.  

  • Define and share practices and routines which deliver the experience proposed by the brand.


Les Ateliers Corporate’s mission 

  • Design and implement a 100% collaborative approach which links internal and external audiences.

  • Organise and animate collaborative and interactive workshops which bring  together employees, managers and Group customers to determine the key moments of the relationship for each one of them.

  • Finalise and validate with leaders each of the brand experience key points.

  • Organise and animate workshops in the regions to mobilise teams around the project.


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